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  • YTK Lite 1.0 Build 120

    YTK Lite is the Ultimate yahoo! Messenger chat companion. This easy-to-use chat utility provides many additional features to yahoo! Messenger including enhanced Privacy, unlimited safe list/white list, unlimited ignore
  • yahoo messenger archive recovery utility 5.0.1

    yahoo messenger archive reader or yahoo chat .dat reader decrypts yahoo messenger chat. You do not need to be logged into yahoo Messenger to view these archives. Software can auto detects stored yahoo chat conversation
  • ChitChat 1.2.2

    Chitchat is a yahoo chat client. It enables the user to chat with others over the yahoo chat system using a clean interface with much better reliability than yahoo's own Java based
  • Yahoo! for mIRC 0.0.18

    yahoo for mIRC is an open source script to connect to yahoo chat servers to send instant messages (IMs) and join and chat in yahoo chat
  • Yahoo Messenger Log Viewer 1.0

    yahoo Messenger Log Viewer 1.0 offers you a professional program that can allow you to view yahoo and MSN chat logs of yourself, your spouse, your kids, or anyone, without logging in to yahoo or MSN. Either you want to
  • yahoo archive decryption utility 5.0.1

    yahoo Messenger Archive recovery chat messages decode software easily recovers and decodes all yahoo chat conversations messages from archive files .dat files. Save decoded chat files on your desired location. yahoo
  • Yahoo Message Archive Decoder Tool 5.0.1

    yahoo chat archive recovery software is very useful for users if they lost their yahoo Id or password because yahoo messenger doesn't let you read your archived messages unless you login into yahoo messenger. chat
  • Yahoo Message Archive Viewer 5.0.1

    yahoo message archive decoder chat recovery software decodes archived messages and archived conferences of any yahoo user from .dat files without having their password and no need of internet connection. yahoo messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger Chat Recovery Program 5.0.1

    yahoo Messenger Archive recovery program easily recovers and decodes all yahoo chat archive messages .dat files. Software easily decodes yahoo archive files and saves retrieve chat conversations data in RTF or plain text
  • Yahoo Chat Viewer Tool 5.0.1

    yahoo chat recovery software decodes and view yahoo Messenger’s message archive that is stored on your computer or laptop pc. yahoo chat monitor program can decode chat conversations like Instant Messages, Mobile
  • Yahoo Chat Decoder Application 5.0.1

    yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder program yahoo messenger chat recovery software is used to view yahoo messenger chat conversations in offline mode without user password. Restore chat history logs software easily recovers
  • Yahoo Messenger Archive recovery program 5.0.1

    yahoo! Messenger Archive Decoder software can read Messages, Conferences, SMS Messages of all accounts of yahoo! Messenger with time stamps and save messages to a rtf or text file. yahoo messenger archive recovery
  • Y Messenger Plus

    Y Messenger Plus is a simple and personal yahoo! Messenger. Help you to discover yahoo! Messenger, as well as anothers yahoo!'s services. Free add-on. Shortcuts to yahoo!'s services, Launch instant
  • yahoo chat history extractor 5.0.1

    yahoo chat recovery program allows you to recover chat conversions information from yahoos archive .dat files which takes place on your computer in your absence. Records normal conversations, private messages,
  • Yahoo Booter & translator XP 2009

    yahoo booters & translator XP is a handy application that use packet coding to send the victim's computer using yahoo messenger, these pack codes contain some information and codes that computer cannot understand, so
  • Yahoo Archive Decoder Tool

    yahoo messenger archive viewer allow user to read archive files (.dat) without any login and password. yahoo archive recovery application is very useful for users if they lost their yahoo Id or password because yahoo
  • Archive Chat Recovery Software 5.0.1

    yahoo messengers archive recovery software recover chat history messages stored on your computer and decode all encoded archive message, chat conversation, private messages like instant messages, conferences and mobile
  • YahDecode-Yahoo Message Archive Decoder 1.1

    YahDecode-yahoo Message Archive Decoder is a simple tool that does just one thing: it displays the yahoo Messenger conversation logs even if you are not logged in. This means that you can read the archives of any user
  • Yahoo Messenger

    With the yahoo Messenger you can make calls over the internet and talk as well as by phone. All what you need is a head set or a microphone and loudspeakers. Is very simple- you have to click only on the call button?
  • Messenger Backup 3.5

    Messenger Backup is a software application used to backup and restore your favorite messenger (AIM, ICQ, yahoo! and MSN) conversations, received files, buddy list, bookmark to a compressed file and much more. Messenger
  • Yahoo Chat Archive Decoder

    yahoo archive .DAT log file decoder software is very helpful for users who have lost their yahoo id or password because yahoo messenger does not let you read your archived messages unless you login into yahoo messenger.
  • Yahoo Chat Messages Decoder Tool 5.0.1

    yahoo messenger archive decoder reader tool recover chat history files stored on your computer or any other computer, laptop. yahoo chat message decoder supports all latest versions of Windows Operating system such as
  • YM BugFix

    How to fix yahoo Messenger when nothing is visible in chat window? OR I am not able to see any chat messages in yahoo Messenger chat window. This problem occures due to a virus effect. This virus adds a registry entry
  • MSN/Yahoo Message Archive Decoder/Viewer 3.46

    View yahoo and MSN chat logs, without logging in to yahoo or MSN. Copy, save or print the chat
  • YahCoLoRiZe 2.14

    Adds color and text-effects to be played into yahoo or IRC chat. Add and edit "Wings", perform foreground and background color-blending, export as a Web-Page, Print, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Editing, many text and
  • Yahoo Spy Monitor 4.1

    yahoo Messenger Spy Monitor can sniff & monitor yahoo Messenger activity, such as chat conversations, outgoing and incoming yahoo IM chat messages, chat contacts list, etc. This smart yahoo Messenger Monitoring
  • MSN and Yahoo Message Archive Viewer 5.5

    Now you can not only read and view your own yahoo and MSN chat logs, but can also Spy on your kids or love ones even without knowing password because of handy software application MSN and yahoo Message Archive Viewer.
  • rEFIt 0.13

    rEFIt is a boot menu and maintenance toolkit for EFI-based machines like the Intel Macs. You can use it to boot multiple operating systems easily, including triple-boot setups with boot Camp. It also provides an easy
  • ChatStat 2.75

    chat Stat offers 2-way live chat with your website visitors, MovingGraph website and live chat productivity statistics, and live chat messaging support for AIM, ICQ, yahoo, MSN, Jabber, GoogleTalk, Skype, and Skype
  • Chat Watch 4.2.9

    chat Watch logs both sides of instant messages on AOL, ICQ, MSN, and yahoo messengers. chat Watch features parental controls, chat scheduling, a chat acronym translator, content monitor, and more. chat logs can be